Happy Family

Lives That ThriVe

Because of you, children are given life, families are created, and hearts are healed

United for Life and ThriVe Savannah has been saving lives since 2018! From February 2018 - March 2022

Image by Omar Lopez

707 Saves

​The number 707 represents the number of women who have come to ThriVe Express Savannah abortion minded and vulnerable and have chosen to carry their baby to term.

Image by Aaron Burden

755 Commitments

The number 755 represents the women have made decisions to commit or re-commit their lives to Christ.

Other life affirming statistics:

  • 3,878 patient visits

  • 2,071 gospel presentations

  • 1,522 pregnancy tests

  • 1,432 sonograms

  • 5,807 STI tests

  • 924 Bibles given


This tiny miricle was saved through the amazing work of Abortion Pill Reversal. Read more about her and her mother's story here.

Our first baby saved through Abortion Pill Reversal!


Because of you, stories like these exist. Families exist. As we continue to provide medical services and ultrasounds, we know that stories like these will increase ten-fold. Join us in advancing a culture of hope and providing life-giving alternatives to abortion.