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Out of Planned Parenthood and into Married Parenthood

The abortion pill is more accessible than ever before which only makes us even more determined to reach these women vulnerable to the lie of abortion and give them options, truth, and hope.

But what happens when a woman has already taken the abortion pill and then changes her mind? Praise God, we can often still intervene! Abortion pill reversal is possible if a woman has just taken the first pill and immediate action is taken.

Abagail* felt pushed into an abortion she didn't want. After taking the first pill, she immediately regretted her decision and started searching for any possible way to continue her pregnancy and keep her baby alive. That's how she found ThriVe. We were able to get her started with the abortion pill reversal protocol and she and her child are thriving!

Abagail is now 22 weeks along with a healthy baby. She was excited to share that not only is she so thrilled to be a mom, but she and the father of the baby are getting married in a few weeks! We are so thankful for this transformational story of hope and second chances.

Will you join us in praying for Abagail, her baby, and her marriage?

Because of your support, we can help reach women before and after their pregnancy decision and help save babies from abortion.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality.


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