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What Makes a Hero?

ThriVe Savannah is standing in the gap in our community. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, men are told they don't have a choice. ThriVe Savannah provides LIFE-AFFIRMING alternatives to abortion, coming alongside to support men.

woman holding baby

Fathers Can Be Heros When They Do What's Right


When I was little, I would pretend to be a hero. My toy box was full of capes,  

fire trucks, and Army gear… But now, life is complex… but  

what makes a hero remains constant. A hero defies the odds, stands  

strong… does what’s right… Even when it’s not easy…  

particularly when it’s not easy. But, when faced with an unplanned  

pregnancy, men are told we don’t have a voice, but that doesn’t feel right. 

Shouldn’t we be there? Help her? Protect her? One day, our sons and daughters will ask,  

“What did you do?” We want them to know that we stepped up. 

We supported their mother. We became fathers. 

Fathers can be heroes when they do what’s right… even when it’s not easy.


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