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Dr. Natalie Britt, ThriVe Savannah Medical Director

Dr. Britt Walks the Talk

Dr. Natalie Britt serves as the medical director of ThriVe Savannah overseeing and guiding the clinical staff as they are the hands and feet of Jesus to the women who come through our doors.

Cornerstone Health

In addition to her primary roles as wife to Kris and mother to her 4 children spanning from 5-19, Natalie has recently launched a new private primary care practice in Savannah, Cornerstone Health.

Cornerstone Health began as a dream amidst the uncertainty and fear of the COVID-19 pandemic. As friends and family turned to Dr. Britt for advice, assurance, and answers, it became increasingly evident to her that the medical establishment was faltering in meeting the needs of our community. Patients struggled to find a primary care physician who not only shared their values but also provided the timely, comprehensive care they deserved. She desired to fill the gap with her practice, and she is now embracing the opportunity to turn the dream into reality.

Team Britt!

Dr. Britt firmly believes that God called her to practice medicine. Cornerstone Health represents the fruition of her calling to care for the whole person– physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Her doors are open to all who seek not just a doctor, but a partner in their journey toward living life abundantly. Cornerstone Health derives its name from 1 Peter 2.6 "Those who put their hope in the Cornerstone will never be put to shame." In her practice, Dr. Britt cares for the whole patient from birth to death, supporting them through each season of life. She is committed to using her gifts in medicine for the glory of God and the good of others.


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