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Abortion Hurts Women

ThriVe Savannah is standing in the gap in our community. In research, women say again and again that if they had support they wouldn’t choose abortion. ThriVe Savannah provides LIFE-AFFIRMING alternatives to abortion.

woman holding baby
ThiVe Real Mom and baby

Ways ThriVe Savannah Provides Women With LIFE-AFFIRMING Alternatives to Abortion

  • Pre-abortion screening that includes a lab quality pregnancy test, STI testing and treatment, medically accurate information about abortion, option consultations, and ultrasound to confirm age, placement and viability of the pregnancy.

  • Abortion Pill Reversal

  • Mobile Medical Services

  • Online ThriVeLife classes

  • Baby Boutique and Material Assistance

  • Support After Abortion

  • White Rose Project to help honor babies lost to chemical abortions

  • Prayer


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