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From Tragedy and Heartache to Healing

When the phone rings we never know what the voice on the other side has gone through. Everyone has their story and we are honored when they choose to share it with us.

A young teen called us searching for an abortion. She had just been raped. She was also sexually abused by an older relative. She didn’t know what to do she even tried to end her life but ultimately failed. We praise the Lord she is still here today.

When she came to us her story was filled with sorrow and hard times. She was suffering from anxiety and depression from all she had gone through. During her visit, she prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

God shone upon us that day during that ultrasound visit. After seeing that life inside of her she made the brave decision to choose life.

Her story is far from over and the road in front of her is long. However, where there was despair and hardship there is now hope. Hope for her and her baby’s future and the story that they will write together.

Please join us in praising God for all he has already done and pray for continued light and healing unto this brave young woman and her unborn child.

Help us to continue to make an impact in these women’s lives and show them God's love.



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