Abortion minded woman chose life!


She came in abortion minded!
Several weeks ago this beautiful young mom of a 1 year old & 5 year old came to ThriVe Express Savannah. She truly thought abortion was her only choice. 

This week she stopped by to say thank you and introduce us to her newborn baby girl💕

While holding her 5 day old baby girl, she told our beautiful Advocate “I'm so grateful for Thrive, you all are why that baby is here today.”

Only God!

We are asking your help in spreading the word about what God is doing through ThriVe Savannah! Young women are being taught truth about LIFE and ETERNITY.

Students are being taught truth about the value of each human life and the power of sexual purity! We stand at the precipice of extraordinary potential! Operating this ministry with excellence requires funding.  

How You Can Help...

  • Will you pray for His will to be done in all our affairs?

  • Will you share the work of ThriVe Savannah with others who share a love for LIFE?

  • Will you pray about investing financially into this work?