First Year at ThriVe Savannah



Look at all God has done in just one year!

December 2018 Report - 52 Lives Saved
February 2019 Report - 63 Lives Saved
One Year - 66 Lives Saved (February 28th)

The number 66 represents the number of women who have come to ThriVe Express Savannah abortion minded and vulnerable and have chosen to carry their baby to term.

We believe that every life counts, therefore, every day is critical. Every single day is an opportunity to intervene on a mother and baby’s behalf. It is because of your giving that we are able to be their for these mothers and babies when they need it the most. View our detailed reports below to see all God has done in just 1 year through ThriVe Savannah.

As of December 2018

432 - Total Patient Visits
264 - First Time Patients
198 - Pregnancy Tests
148 - STI Tests
186 - Sonogram
52 - Lives Saved
70 - Commitments To Christ

As of February 26th 2019

506 - Total Patient Visits
330 - First Time Patients
246 - Pregnancy Tests
179 - STI Tests
233 - Sonogram
63 - Lives Saved
92 - Commitments To Christ

One Year in Operation (February 28th 2019)

559 - Total Patient Visits
341 - First Time Patients
254 - Pregnancy Tests
186 - STI Tests
237 - Sonogram
66 - Lives Saved
95 - Commitments To Christ

You can help continue the work of saving lives by becoming a life supporter with a monthly commitment of any amount. Your donations are critical to seeing these numbers continue to rise!